1956 thunderbird clock conversion

See results below for Ford Thunderbird Parts. Classic Industries is America's first choice for Ford Thunderbird parts and accessories. Product HR Replacement 12 volt horn relay for various GM and a wide variety of additional makes and models.

1956 thunderbird clock conversion

Features 3 connectors and a slotted bracket. Replaces OE part 's, and aftermarket part 's HR, View Product Details. Product G This is a Delco service replacement horn relay for various GM and a wide variety of additional makes and models. Replaces OE part 's, Aftermarket part Product EP This complete kit includes a 60 amp electric motor unit, a prewired control module, and all the necessary hardware for installation.

Features a built in Product A. For vehicles with 2-headlamp system Product RB Retro Sound Ultra Thin Dual Voice Coil replacement speakers are just what you are looking for to finish your sound system. This speaker has an acoustically transparent cone to protect the drivers and cones from the elements Product G. Reproduction ignition switch with 4 round male threaded terminals to fit a variety of Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury car and truck models.

Authentic connectors will match the size of the factory wiring ends on your Product K. An excellent reproduction of the original 12 volt black body, yellow top ignition coil that Ford used on various models from including Mustangs.Lorena, Texas South of Waco. Posted By Danny 7 Years Ago. Flat Ascending Flat Descending Threaded. Most of my Crown Victoria - V-8 is original. I have a modern chrome air filter that sticks out like a sore thumb when I open the hood.

I acquired an original ford oil bath that would be correct for my car. The housing is in great shape but the wire mesh cannister attached to the cover is not. I would like to convert this oil bath cleaner to accept a modern paper air filter. I have a newer Holley cfm carb. Do they have a gasket that fits between the carb and the air cleaner? There are several articles on an oil bath conversion that says to cut the wire mesh cannnister off leaving a "lip" that would sit on the upper surface of the paper filter.

There is one article in particular that says on a Lincoln Mark II, you can remove the cannister with a hammer and chisel because it is only crimped to the outer edge of the cover.

Battery for 6v to 12v Conversion

In other words the upper lip of the wire mesh cannister is not welded to the cover. It is only being held in place by the overlapping lip on the cover. Does anyone know it this is the case with the Ford oil bath air cleaner?

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This would be my preferred route to take. If so how many and what size? Any thoughts or tips on how to accomplish this would be appreciated. Thanks, Danny. Yes there is a gasket between the carb and filter, standard on any 4 barrel. Just nick that tab of the airfilter base.

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You will have to cut the top so it has a lipgo round carefully with a grinder and then tidy up. No dont drill any holes in the bottom, you just have to work out heights correctly the lid will just sit open at the top, how much is up to you. I can do pics if your require or someone else may have some. I did the conversion to my oil bath for a modern 4 barrel, and i used an 8 or 9" moroso air filter.

I had a post here that showed what i did, but it apparently got killed during the last forum migration.About Bobs. New Old Stock.

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Retro Fitting Services. Other Gauges. Clock Conversions. Fuel Senders. Cables and Casings. Send a Gauge? Articles and Pictorials.

Before and After. Portfolio II. All Star Hall of Fame. Contact Us. Calendar of Events. Repair Warranty. Repair Terms and Conditions. Payment Methods. Being in business for as long as we have been, we have accumulated a huge inventory of vintage gauges and gauge clusters.

A listing of what we have available is just too massive to attempt to list online.

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The clusters shown on this page are just a sample of what we have to offer. If there is a cluster you are looking for, and don't see it listed here, please feel free to Contact Us and tell us what you are looking for.

Please note that the prices shown reflect a discount for an acceptable core trade. If you do not have a core, or you need information concerning how our core exchange program works, please use the link above to contact us for more details. Note: pricing shows discounted price with an acceptable core exchange. We have a massive inventory of vintage clusters.When making a 6 V to 12 V conversion on a Thunderbird it is difficult to find a battery that fits the tray and hold down without modifications I have found that a Grp 56 12V battery fits the tray and allows the hold down to be used without modification.

The length of the battery is slightly shorter but covers well without showing. In fact it looks like it was made for the tray and hold down. Some of you guys are making way too big a deal of the 6V to 12 V conversion on the 55 T Bird.

All the wire for the 6V system is twice as large as need be for 12V service. The only things you need to change under the dash are the dash lamp bulbs and maybe the cigar lighter if you still smoke. The polarity for the clock must be changed to neg. You may need to remove the clock to do this. There is a little tab that is designed to be positioned for pos. Position it for neg. Major damage will occur if it is powered up in reverse polarity.

Install a ohm 10 watt resistor in series with the 6-volt clock to drop the voltage to 6 or 7 V. Of course the radio will need to be replaced or. It is not polarity sensitive. Your choice, or do nothing and disconnect it. You do not need to change any switches or gauges. The fuel and temp gauges will work on 6 or 12 V and are not polarity sensitive. If you miss some of the lamps you can change them after they burn out, no big deal. The direction lamp flasher also must be changed for best performance but you can change it later.

The fuses may need to be changed to values smaller than original or use the ones rated for the 56 and 57 Birds. The tail lamps, the back-up lamps and license plate lamp will need to be replaced with the 12V ones. Now for the firewall forward, you do not need to change the battery cables, the horns, the horn relay or the starter. If converting to a generator install a 12V one and a 12V 30 amp voltage regulator and wire it up exactly as the 6v ones or do the alternator conversion.

This is done same as a 12V generator to alternator conversion. You will need to install 12V headlamps and park and direction lamps. No changes in lamp wiring or the light switch is necessary, leave it alone or repair it as necessary.

Of course you will need a 12V battery, there are 12v batteries that will fit the battery carrier with little or no modifications, connect it neg. The 6V coil can be used but the polarity must be changed, just switch the bat.

1967 Thunderbird Clock repaired

And dist.Images are general in nature and may not reflect the specific vehicle selected. Save for some early applications, a removable fiberglass hardtop was standard, as were roll-up windows and V-8 power, all features unavailable to Corvette customers early on. The Thunderbird V-8 was a cubic-inch Y-block topped by a single four-barrel carburetor. Output was horsepower with the standard 3-speed manual, and horses when the Ford-O-Matic automatic was installed.

More power increases followed in as the standard V-8 was up-rated to horsepower and an optional cid Y-block appeared with either or horses.

1956 Ford Thunderbird Parts

Optional dual carburetors were introduced later that year to help the reach horsepower. Ford officials initially had their sights set on building 10, Thunderbirds for The final tally read 16, Complementing the extra length in back were outward-canted fins atop each rear quarter, courtesy of legendary designer Frank Hershey.

Also offered briefly in was the F-codea supercharged V-8 advertised at horsepower. For all Hagerty Insurance clients: The values shown do not imply coverage in this amount.

In the event of a claim, the guaranteed value s on your policy declarations page is the amount your vehicle s is covered for, even if the value displayed here is different.

If you would like to discuss your Hagerty Insurance policy, please call us at Get a Quote. Model Overview Images are general in nature and may not reflect the specific vehicle selected.

Length: Wheel Base: in.My choice is the 91 thru 97 Escort 1. You will need to change the pulley to a "V" belt type to use this alternator. The pulley can be from just about any alternator as long as the belt grove width will work with your belt. I am sorry to admidt my pulley came from a GM alternator. I would recommend removing the entire Generator harness back to the regulator as well as removing the original regulator.

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This will leave you with a 10ga Battery wire may be paired with a 12ga that goes to the horn relay and an 18ga that is the Gen Light Circuit. Insulate the 10Ga as you will not need it in the conversion. At the alternator your best bet is to obtain the first 6 inches of the regulator harness from a salvage yard most fords 80 to 97 with a small case alternator with 3 terminal intergral regulator will have this harness. If the Harness you obtain also has the Output lug terminal and 8Ga wire, Discard the wire and terminal as you will not need it.

This harness will have 2 connectors, 1 will be a 3 terminal that plugs into the regulator, the other connector is a 1 terminal that plugs into the alternator. When this harness is mated with the alternator you will be left with 2 unconnected wires coming out of the regulator connector. Run an 18 Ga wire from the "I" terminal to the Factory Voltage Regulator location, connect this wire to the 18ga Gen Lite wire that is left from the removal of the original regulator.

This wire will meet up with the wire you previously ran from the regulator "A" terminal, do not be tempted to make this junction at the alternator and only run 1 wire.

1956 thunderbird clock conversion

The "A" wire is used by the regulator to sense battery voltage and should be run separate. The Output Stud should not be run to the factory harness, go directly to the starter solnoid, I would not want to push 70 Amps thru 10 ga factory harness, you will smoke the harness!

It looks like a lot but in the end it's only 3 wires, 2 of them going to the same place solnoid and 1 connection to the factory harness for the Gen Lite.

Mounting is simple, the top mount of the alternator is a split design that will stradle the original top engine mount. The lower adjusting brace is from a small block ford, it's about 14 inches long in stock form. Being serious, for the savings I would go with the GM alternator also. You may have trouble finding the Escort alternator anyway. Alternator conversion. Posted By jrw 9 Years Ago. Flat Ascending Flat Descending Threaded. My goal with my 57 wagon is to have a road trip car.

I want reliability for long trips, moderate power for pleasurable driving, and reasonable economy.

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I had planned on an alternator conversion, but turns out I'm doing that sooner rather than later. I've been searching through old threads to find all the info I can before diving in.

Can it still be functional or is it just disconnected? And if functional, are any wiring changes needed?I want to thank you for your promptness and honesty. It's refreshing.

Thank you! The turnaround time was very prompt, and I'm really happy with the work. Thanks again. Thanks a million!

1956 Ford Clock or 1957 Thunderbird Clock

I really appreciate that you replaced the broken set stem and missing knob. I will recommend your service anytime! Thanks ever so much. Love how beautiful the clocks work and look. Finnish clock shop charged me for a poor job. I will tell to Finnish clock shop, where is the place who can restore the clock correctly. Four weeks later it came back and ran for one month. I sent the clock from my '41 Packard to the same place. It was back in exactly one week.

1956 thunderbird clock conversion

I hope you have continued success I will be telling all my friends about the quality workmanship and speedy turnaround time. Two new bulbs, a couple of minutes to refit, and there was a shining beacon on my dashboard. I'm sure all your customer's are as satisfied as I am. You did a terrific job. It looks great! Thank you very much for the excellent work.

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